Talking Tip Tuesday: Use Guided Access on the iPad

Today's Talking Tip Tuesday is a quickie but a goodie!  If you have a child or work with children, then I'm sure that you are aware of the power of the iPad.  

I use iPads in my therapy for a variety of different purposes.  I have apps that I use for quick assessments or probes, apps for stimulating a nice language sample, apps that specifically target certain language goals, and apps that act as an AAC device.  Children love the interactive and engaging nature of iPads and are learning how to navigate them at younger and younger ages.  

My biggest pet peeve when using iPads in therapy used to be the speed at which a child could switch from playing an educational app to playing Angry Birds.  It's a particular nuisance when you have a child that uses an iPad as an AAC device but is also a Fruit Ninja fanatic.

I was in this very situation when I turned to Google for answers.  And Google did not disappoint!  I learned about wonderfulness of Guided Access and my my life has been so much better since!

As it states on your iPad, Guided Access "keeps the iPad in a single app and allows you to control which features are available."  In other words, it's magical! 

Here's how to enable Guided Access on your iPad.  
  1. Select Settings from your main iPad home screen
  2. Select General and then Accessibility
  3. Touch the switch on Guided Access so that it turns green, indicating that it is on
Once you've enabled this feature, you can begin to use it: 
  1. Open the app that you want to use with your child/student 
  2. Press the 'home' button three times in quick succession
  3. Use your finger to draw around the areas that you want to disable.  You don't have to be exact, the iPad will figure out the logical shape and area that you wish to disable. 
  4. You can also disable hardware buttons such as the volume buttons, and sleep button.
  5. You even have the option of disabling touch altogether if that's something that would suit you!
  6. Touch 'start' when you are ready to start using the app and enter in a passcode that you will want to use when you exit Guided Access
  7. Give the iPad to the child!  They will no longer be able to exit out of the app that you want them to enjoy :) 
  8. Press the home button 3 times in quick succession to exit Guided Access and enter your passcode.
Watch the video below to watch me use Guided Access in the app 'My Choice Pad' and notice how I can't leave the app but I am still able to use the areas of the screen which I would want the child to use.