UK Blog Awards Finalist!


I am really excited to announce that Tailor Made for Talking is a finalist in the UK Blog Awards! Out of the 200+ entries in the Education, I am in the final 10.  And of course, it's all because of YOU! Thank you so much to everyone who voted.

The Awards are being held on the 29th of April.  I will keep you posted!


UPDATE:  Clearly my excitement of seeing my name in the Education category was HUGE because as soon as I saw 'Tailor Made for Talking' I shut my browser and called my husband to tell him the exciting news.  I probably should have stayed on the website a bit longer because it turns out that I am a finalist in not only the Education category but also the 'Health and Social Care' category!  I'm having a very delayed ecstatic reaction to this news and wanted to share with all of you :)  As someone who is still relatively new to blogging, this news is mind-blowing especially because I know there were hundreds of worthy blogs in the Health and Social Care category. Thanks again to everyone who voted!

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